Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Treats

The other day my friend Ali and I reunited over a lovely tapas dinner.  Now tapas are fantastic!  They are little plates of yummy food so you order a bunch and share and drink some wine and have a wonderful time.  (I tell you, those Spaniards are on to something: lots of little plates of food and siesta (nap) time everyday.  I'm so on board!  Perhaps it's time I take a trip to Spain...)
So much fun to catch up with my wonderful red headed twin!  Who woulda thought there'd be this great little place in GB?  It's a lil pricey but a great place for a celebration, which we had - we hadn't seen each other in about a month!  We had the best time chatting over wine and tapas instead of our usual fro yo :)

Anyways, we ordered four different plates to split and I am blogging about two and Ali on her fun blog will write about the others!  And honestly my memory is fading in my old age so if my descriptions aren't very well, descriptive, then I apologize but I ate this awhile ago!

So we started off with tasty lil skewers of fig, (I think) goat cheese and proscuitto.  Now I'm not usually a fig eatin type of girl (I blame it on my mom feeding us too many Fig Newtons when we were kids - they are not a cookie or dessert and never will be!) but when it's paired with something yummy, I'm down.  And of course when you throw in cheese and cured meat who in their right mind would say no?
Next up was lamb tenderloin pops.  Little balls of delish lamb fried up?  Si por favor!  It was hard not to try and pop a dozen of these in my mouth but I had to refrain because there were only four and my momma did teach me to share.
And don't you just love the presentation?  Seriously sometimes food looks almost too pretty to eat.  But just almost.

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